Food and lodging in Borgarnes

In the old part of Borgarnes town lies a beautiful cove, called “Englendingavík.”
The name interestingly enough means “The Englishman Cove”.

This place is both scenic  and peaceful,  where silence is  only broken by the sound of birds and the ever changing sea.  The old buildings standing at the bottom of  the cove used to be the region´s center for trade and commerce but now they are housing  the restaurant  with attached lodging facilities. Besides the restaurant is a separate building called Sjávarborg “Height by the Sea”, offering first rate home lodgings. The oldest building was constructed in 1885 but all the buildings were thoroughly  renovated  10 years ago.


The Englendingavík Restaurant

We put our emphasis on a relaxed and cozy atmosphere to go with the spirit of the old buildings by the Bay. As for food, we focus on locally sourced materials. Opening hours during the summer are from 11.30 to 23:00 (or longer) 7 days a week,  but we close for the winter.

We open on the first day of summer, the 20th of April 2017 for the summer season.


Sjávarborg home lodging facilities

Standing close by the sea, Sjávarborg is a typically Icelandic corrugated iron building, dating from 1890. We offer comfortable lodgings,  ranging from large family rooms, sleeping up to four people, and a variety of double rooms. All include full size beds with linen and a shared bathrooms.

Guests at Sjávarborg have access to a fully equipped kitchen for your own cooking and a common room and of course free wi-fi.  Breakfast can be ordered separately.